May 17, 2021

Get In The Ring Global Finalist 6degrees Raises Funding From Unknown Group

May 18, The Hague. Unknown Group is pleased to announce an investment in 6Degrees, a leading venture in the domain of Assistive Technology. Global Finalists of the Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition 2021, 6Degrees’ motion-based and touch-free wearable – ‘MyMove’ – empowers users with intuitive control over any smart device.


6Degrees were founded in 2017 by Miri Berger (CEO) and Aryeh Katz (CTO), whose calling is to provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities to reclaim control over smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. Their venture is rooted in empathy, as Katz himself was seriously injured on duty with the Israeli Defence Forces in 2002. He was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) which is a chronic condition caused by nerve damage to a limb. The founders know only too well the debilitating impact of non-inclusive technology. With ‘MyMove’ – a wrist wearable that enables intuitive control over any smart device while providing real-time insights – 6Degrees aims to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by empowering them with digital access and its advantages: connection, engagement, independence, integration into society, and employability. 



Powered by AI, MyMove has the ability to learn and adapt to personal motion. It converts motion into digital commands, which allows users to essentially replace fingers on a touch screen or a computer mouse. This, coupled with the real-time insights makes Unknown see this technology as a game-changer when it comes to physical rehabilitation using VR gamification.


Do you know someone with disabilities who could benefit from this technology? Gift them connection, independence and engagement by buying them a MyMove.

6Degrees recently made headlines by out-competing 25,000 startups from 107 countries and making it to the finals of the Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition 2021, being recognized as one of the leading HealthTech ventures globally. By investing in a Get in the Ring finalist, Unknown proves how adding funding to the mix further strengthens Get in the Ring’s proposition to founders worldwide. Going beyond providing a global podium and facilitating dealmaking with leading organizations, the investment in 6Degrees shows how Unknown fuels founders to answer their calling with growth capital. 


Watch the Global Final Health Battle featuring 6Degrees below.


Global Director of Get in the Ring and COO of Unknown Group, Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen said:  “Going beyond their comprehensive business case, what attracted us to 6Degrees – first at Get in the Ring for the Global Finals and then at Unknown as a potential portfolio investment – is their purpose-driven management team. We resonate with their calling of leveling the technological playing field for people with disabilities and are excited to take MyMove global”.


6Degrees is not the first Get in the Ring success story in the Assistive Technology domain fueled by Unknown. It draws parallels with the South Korean Braille smartwatch maker,  Dot Incorporate who burst onto the scene when they won the Get in the Ring Global Startup Competition in 2016. Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen adds: “Following Dot’s win, we were able to provide them with business development support, leveraging our global innovation network to scale their smartwatch for the blind to 30+ countries. This led to a $13 million funding round. As 6Degrees MyMove falls in the same domain of Assistive Technology, we’re eager to recreate the magic with them!” 


Co-Founder and CEO of 6Degrees, Miri Berger said: “We are thrilled to embrace Unknown Group as our investors, as they support 6Degrees’ calling to access technology for persons with disabilities and to create value through motion. Both 6Degrees and Unknown share a similar mission to shape the world through innovation and compassion.”


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